The SDGQ is an organization representing many of Quebec's finest designers and artists, and needed a fresh new look and feel for their celebrated platform.

The immediate thought was a much needed web re-brand to better connect with its members and display the serious talent within the organization. We were tasked with developing new assets for the site including an e-commerce section, re-designed members section, and a complete content restructure. The entire site was redesigned to feel more accessible, fresh and modern. A bold new typography system and colour palette was key in the update for this identity.
Deliverables: Responsive E-ccomerce Website
Social media campaign images
Visit project :  https://www.sdgq.ca/
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case study desktop mock-up
case study desktop mock-up
Webflow redesign layout
case study desktop mock-up

The old homepage and the new homepage side by side - show the boldness of the transformation we brought to the project. The strong and nearly brutalist typography, colour palette, and spacial arrangement were all put to good work to showcase the super talent and forward thinking nature of the organizations members.

case study desktop mock-up

With the new design and layout developed, one critical aspect for the client was making sure their designers could easily maintain and renew their yearly membership, which is where the custom e-commerce development came in. The combination of very graphic and bold layout and the smooth mobile functionality made this project a super rewarding one for the Yeah Yeah Yeah team.