Arc.Hive is a design studio dedicated to the creation of exclusive interiors for both residential and commercial spaces.

The challenge: the project would essentially be a one-pager, and we needed to create a handsome, super-polished, long scrollable mosaic-type image grid landing page that would show their best works and also include project notes for every image. This layout beautifully worked on desktop, but on mobile a totally different layout and reveal would be needed for smaller screens. We found a solution that was smart, on-brand, worked everytime, and looked amazing.
Deliverables: Responsive Website
Branding & design :  www.rap.agency
Visit project :  https://www.arc-hive.ca
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Arc.Hive brand and logo type
mosaic-type landing page css gridmosaic-type landing page css grid
mobile menu screen design

Since there were basically only two pages of content for this project, every element needed to play an important role. The mobile portion of this project presented many challenges which we overcame and found creative solutions for, including handsome workarounds to contain meta information about projects and background info.

second mobile menu screen design

These are two mobile menu screens we presented to the client, and the darker version won them over, and is now online.

digital landing page design
digital landing page design

Another challenge of ours was to develop a smart way to show project details without breaking the long scrolling feel of the imagery. Marc and I developed and presented a number of options to the client, and finally settled on two, on that would appear below the image, and for mobile one that would 100% cover the image and contain the unique project details.